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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  February 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> a soaking rain for the last couple of days and more on the way for tomorrow with national weather service raising the flood watch for tomorrow evening. we have moderate and heavy rainfall making the way through the region right now. take the umbrella when you head out the door. you'll need it take.
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right now. the controversy over former slave thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's tuesday february 23 i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. a community meeting between parents and school officials got heated at northside high school. that meeting comes after a threat last week at the school, that parents say wasn't handled properly. wfxr's solina lewis has reaction from parents and a response from school officials.
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mother nature is once again causing problems for us here in central and southwest virginia.after last week's snow and rain, we could see some problems in the wfxr news area. meteorologist taylor
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monitoring the possiblity for flooding. i'll start with the good news - this is just rain. thankfully temperatures are staying above freezing this morning so we don't have to deal with any freezing rain or snow. now the bad news is we moist southeast winds aloft will run over the top of a cool wedgeof high
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pressure at the surface...resulting in rain across theregion tonight wednesday...a strong storm system will move through the region from the southwest...bringingheavy rain showers and gusty winds to the area. canadian highpressure will then build into the region and bring much colder temperatures to the area into the weekend. wfxr news is your local election headquarters. wfxr news is your local election headquarters..... and roanoke mayor david bowers has decided against making a run for the u-s house of representatives. he had been considering a challenge against 9th district congressman morgan griffith. here to talk about his decision is mayor bowers.why did you decide against challenging the congressman? the ninth district has gotten
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more gotten a lot more conservative in recent years, did that have anything to do with the decision?do you see any other democrats who might challenge
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months in your term as roanoke mayor. do you have any thing else you want to accomplish in that
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office, what are your plans? very active in >> january: all right, everybody! welcome back to "good day, virginia". the time is 8:12! blue ridge is very active in the local fight against breast cancer. it's hard work and making the difference in the lives of women across the region cannot be easy.
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survivor stories is the mother and daughter duo. wheeler. don't call me beverly she says, call me bev. first thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> january: when were you diagnosed? >> at the age of 34. >> that's awfully young. what went through your head when you first got the diagnosis? >> scared to death. didn't really realize there had been much breast cancer in my family. you don't pay attention to those kinds of things particularly and it was very, very scary. >> did you instantly think i'm going to die? >> yes, i did. >> january: you as her mother must have been terrified. >> it was horrible. it was a terrible experience for me and her father. >> january: describe the feeling when she told you. >> couldn't believe it. just couldn't believe it. >> january: i can see you just thinking about it getting emotional.
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>> it was. >> january: what made it easier for you to go through this. tell us what you leaned on for strength and support. >> i leaned on my family. my church family. we have really strong faith. my family and friends. my co-workers were awesome and it's something you put one foot in front of the other and just go forward and the doctors here in and ime a strong headed person and i was giving my mom a hard time about mom, suck it up and be strong for me and then -- >> but your mom had a little insight on this because you, too, bev, are a birth survivor! >> yes! >> and i knew what i had to do. >> then you found out you had it. >> i found march 2nd, 2011. >> were you just like oh, my
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>> i put it in denial after i felt it because i thought this can't be happening! you know? but it was and i went and found out and knew what i had to do and i set my goals. after each chemo i tried to make sure i kept up with things like church and my family and do things i like to do. >> january: keep yourself spiritually sound as well healthy. and talk to me. i know susan g. komen had a hand to help you get well. how has the foundation helped you? >> the foundation is awesome with education and helping people. now the first thing that i do is recommend our affiliate when i find out someone has breast cancer they're always there to help and if you can't make it to appointments or get a mammogram, they're there to
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>> and you're living proof. thank goodness, living proof. you can go to virginiafirst dom comand susan g. komen is holding a soiree. it's at the corinthian ball room. march 4, corinthian ball room in downtown roanoke and as mentioned you can get more information on that through our website bev wheeler and thank you for coming to share your story with us.
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>> thank you
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towards 20 minutes after 8:00 on this rainy, dreary tuesday morning. here in roanoke right now a damp and chilly a live look in blabsing burg and certainly have a little rain on the lens there and it's very wet as that light rain continues to make the way through the region. the elderly planner keeping it very cool throughout the day today with the high temperatures only in the low 40s and that's the same story as we head up into lynchburg. 39 currently and look at the winds at 14 mph and making it well down in the 30s. factor in that damp feel because of the rain and just better to stay inside all day. temperatures for you as we go throughout the morning and into the afternoon. not going very far all across the region. as a matter of fact.
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34 in hotsprings and 38 in bloomfield. visibility still socked in up in hot springs and see reduced visibility around blacksburg and roanoke as well and up towards lexington. just because of the rain and not as much in the but boy have we picked up a lot of rain. an inch in galax, a half inch at blacksburg and roanoke and still more to go. not only today but tomorrow with more heavy rain coming through. and because of that, the ground being saturated and the national weather service has the flood watch up and you can see we do have again some areas of heavier rain as we head to the north out of roanoke and right across up by natural bridge on 81. the north side of lynchburg seeing heavier rain and on into south boston and picked up heavier rain at new river valley and between there and
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along 81 right now and heading up 77, too. if you need to do traveling today and even commuting to work, just be very careful. we've seen a lot of rain through the overnight which means likely some ponding out there on the roads. some bigger puddles out there with the poor drainage going on. throughout the day today we will find that rain tapering to showers in the afternoon. it will come back, though, as we head into the evening hours and the precursor to the next storm into tomorrow and see that pushing the vigorous cold front through the region with the possibility not only for heavy rain, but thunderstorms and gusting winds starting to wrap into that system and then colder air as week into the weekend and as we go through the 7-day planner, the rain today and tomorrow. that flood watch is up. the mountain snow showers for thursday and turning cooler as
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and then we rebound heading nicely into the weekend with sunshine and the temperatures website at virginiafirst.comwebsite at through our more about that you can find out more about that through our website at in feb 2008, i was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer, at age 44. i underwent aggressive chemo, double mastectomies and radiation. because of my age and the type of cancer i had, i had genetic testing for the brca genes and was found not to have them. because of this my mom and i started to research other breast cancers within our family. the chart shows the number of breast cancers identified in three generations. so understanding your family history is very important. we had no idea that there were that many breast cancer diagnosis in our family. the dry winter air is no friend to our skin and friend to our winter air is no to our skin and hair.... but there is hope out to tell us the best way to take care of our selves is thomas dunn the owner of
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kd >> welcome back to "good day, virginia". we promised a jam packed 8:00 hour and by golly we'll deliver! and you recognize these guys from black dog salvage. you're on the dui network and on your fifth season! >> that's right! >> and a new dog to introduce? >> this is molly may. she's the one wining. >> kyle: she's young. she's like i don't want to be on tv!
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and then it is going to the rintintin. >> kyle: the new season starts next month? >> february 28th. that's sunday evening at 9:00 and run 2 episodes. the first 2 episodes spartanburg and south carolina. >> that's my neck of the woods! what can fans expect this season? >> chaos! it's probably everything we always do and salvage with the builds and we bring in some stuff to talk about and still up cycling and got myself a messed up knee this year. >> and it's a feature. >> and got some work and we got to south carolina and north carolina and west virginia, virginia, ohio, new jersey, couple of times in there. >> and woe work in this area quite a bit.
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side and we salvaged the little chef sign and what else did we do? >> the chamber of commerce. >> we went downtown. >> and roanoke! >> and you know! we got the holiday. >> it's very true. >> and as one who has seen your show a few times, i remember the episode you pulled the old church organ out. was that the the most complicated salvage you've ever done? >> i don't >> and it is confident and we still have it by the way. and it is to feel it and it is a fun piece and it was our first season? >> it was in bloomfield, west virginia. >> we had a good time with it and made a lot of things out of
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pieces for it is that >> the train wreck! >> i am the train wreck. that's my part of the business. >> and we all spin out >> daily! >> and people can come by and check it out? >> everything is for sale but the dog. >> if you buy the dog you get the whole thing! >> if you are looking for a dog, amy and i have a black lab at home. it's iconic. >> she's a rescue. save a lab is where we got molly may.
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days to make it to another home. >> thanks for coming in.
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run over the top of a cool wedgeof high pressure at the surface...resulting in rain across theregion tonight through tuesday. on wednesday...a strong storm system will move through the region from the southwest...bringingheavy rain showers and gusty winds to the area. >> jason: welcome back to "good day, virginia". the national weather service on flood watch throughout the day and tomorrow evening. steady rain making the way through the region. this will taper off to the shores through the afternoon but don't put away the umbrella just yet. you'll need it later today and certainly as we head into the day tomorrow with more heavy rain and maybe some thunderstorms. details in the full pinpoint
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a few minutes. "good day, virginia" returns right now. thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's tuesday february 23 i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. virginia's supreme court has denied an appeal for the man covicted of abducting and killing alexis murphy. randy taylor was found guilty back in 2014 of murder and abduction in the disappearance of murphy. taylor has maintained innocence all along. a judge sentenced him to serve two life sentences in july 2014. in carroll county: a high speed chase ends with a man in jail and a police car wrecked. police say randall jones was wanted for failing to appear in court.officer tried
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jones sped away. he alledgely ran a stop sign at the intersection of frog spur road, jumped an embankment and landed in a field. another officer was laying down spike strips. police say jones ran off the road trying to avoid the spikes and almost hit the officer. happening today: crews will begin the process of moving two historic slave dwellings in botetourt county. at a recent rally, protestors said they were hoping to have their day in court before work resumed to relocate two buildings at the historic greenfield plantation. a statement from botetourt county officials say parts of international drive will be blocked as crews work to move the first structure starting at 9-am. up next on up next on good day virginia... we are heading out to the kitchen where amy carter is making
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in the pot. our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away
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>> kyle: and thanks for staying virginia". again, promising a very busy show and we have our good friend amy carter back with us after a brief hiatus.
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it's a cold dreary day and you dialed up some wonderful chicken pot pie. or chicken and dumplings. >> people think you have to make your dumplings. anybody out there knows, simple recipe! this is so easy. you put the home and work and then it is there. >> and then going for the chicken breast if you want. i always had more and i had chicken thighs because i like the flavor of chicken thighs. >> we bought thighs by mistake and discovered that and made a chicken dish with it. they are much more tender and more flavor. >> anybody, chicken breast will dry out faster and mix them up. mix them up good. get the boneless, skinless. it's the same. and then you put two cans or one big can of cream of chicken soup in a bowl. you add a half can of chicken broth and the other half just water. >> kyle: with you so far.
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it look like a lot of liquid but it truly is not once you get done with the dish all together. i have a quarter cup of paprika and quarter cup of poultry seasoning and quarter cup of black pepper and sprinkle it on top of it all and and it is to top and that's it. >> kyle: that took a grand total of 55 seconds. >> a couple of minutes. and going to be there to change it and then it's on the media. and sometimes you use bigger pots and they get can dry out your chicken. when it's done, they parsley if desired.
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doing this and then it for $2. >> and biscuits. >> and then took it away. sorry about that. >> and then all dow is take them. move this out of the way. and then to the quarters and can separate each one and just put them in the bowl. >> and these are your dumplings? >> these are my dumplings. >> i did this a long time ago and i was very southern and in tennessee, she said this is the way she did it. >> and put parsley on top and toss it and put it in. then the reason this is different from this is because i needed the crock pot. now you cook it up and don't worry, you'll think it's really too much broth, but when you
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up if you need to, or if it falls apart and just do it in the crock pot and break it up, put them in and let them cook until the dumplings are finished and you'll find the inside of the dumplings will be bread-like and not doughy. >> kyle: that is good! >> and it is really nice and thick. >> kyle: it is. this is comfort food! i mean this is -- you'll eat this and go into a carb coma evening. it's delicious. >> nice lean protein and not a lot here with the cream of chicken and all you have is the bread. >> set it and forget it meal you're so famous for here on "good day, virginia". we'll get this recipe up online as soon as we can. amy carter, good to have you on gave.
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>> i'll be (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterp and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>> jason: 8:47. looking from the roof cam and awfully foggy towards the blacksburg regional airport. low level cloudiness around for us. just a raw day out there as we take a live look outside. take a live look outside in blacksburg, too, here. we have the same story. just a lot of low level clouds hanging around with moderate rainfall from time to time and some seeing upwards of almost an inch already. just since midnight. so flood watches have been posted. we'll go from the
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drizzle and more for the flood watches popping up and that is with this temperatures in the 30s and 40s and up in hot springs and the morning and make sure it doesn't hit with deep and freezing rain. making the plain old rain and there is plenty of fog in hot springs and it's not so bad as the visibility is concerned and it is an inch of rain to whitville and it is .6 in blacksburg and half inch in roanoke. already just today with all of that rain and that rain last week and the ground is saturated and can't hold more water and the national weather service posted a flood watch until tomorrow at 7:00 and here we go. seeing the rain making it through the region and that is up by natural bridge.
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off the map and aside from down in south boston where they've seen waves of the heavy rain making its way on through and the rain starting to taper off down by the virginia and north carolina border and still some moderate to heavy rain around the area right now. we have the system making its way through and that stationary front down to the south and that's riding up and it will continue to the north and east as we go through the morning into the afternoon hours. the weather model doing a great job and that is heading towards noontime and getting on with plenty of clouds and scattered showers and patchy drizzle through the rest of the afternoon and into the evening hours the nstorm hot on the heels of this one getting ready to make its way up and in and that will bring rain showers through the overnight and the heavy anderate rain falling and that can be thunder
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gusting winds and perhaps a wind advisory on thursday because with that saturday and sunday. then it is the next couple of days. >> and then it's this weekend all over. >> and maybe even need shorts! very possible! >> january: i don't think so. crazy thoughts. >> kyle: don't forget head over to for the weather highlights. that's national future farmers of america is happening this week. the high school opened doors to those that displayed on poster board and some even brought in live animals.
8:51 am
the community what the youth in ffa accomplish in the agriculture industry. >> it's important to have a new generation coming into the farms. we have new ideas and a new outlook on life and it is to in to that industry and have to get the youth involved because it is the backbone of our country. >> now students say future farmers of america is a great way to use opportunities in farming and practice other marketable skills. january? >> january: thank you so much, kyle! well, you know this is tim white. he comes for our furry friend segment from the roanoke spca, correct? >> correct. >> january: he's here and brings a very sweet baby and today it is nemo! nemo is just adorable! just talking to him about the breed. he has spots on his ears and a terrier body. just adorable. first thank you for coming in,
8:52 am
tell me about nemo? >> nemo is 5 years old and had him about 2 weeks. he's very well mannered and calm and seems to be good around other dogs as well. your previous animal guest, he met them out in the hallway. a little stand offish when he has larger dogs around them but he's not aggressive at all. >> january: you can tell very sweet and do sile and is trained and knows you have a meat product in there and you said he's 5 years old and only been at the shelter for weeks? >> right. he is
8:53 am
training on the human side not to pull and grab at the animal. >> january: absolutely. he is just absolutely beautiful and came right to me and that's showing he is a sweetheart. now tell folks how they can get in touch with you in case they want to adopt you and hopefully you do because nemo is awesome! >> if you live far stop by us at 1340 baldwin avenue and we also have these adoptable cats and dogs on our website on >> january: and nemo is ready. he's like listen, i did my segment and good to go. ready to go, huh, nemo! definitely go to our website
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and all the good the aspca does in our good news report this morning, what would not make >> january: welcome back, everybody! in the good news report, what would not make you smile besides bunnies and a good book? >> kyle: i'd have to put tyler at the top of the list. >> january: in his 60s. >> but it's a good day here on "good day, virginia". and we had 3 and going to the roanoke public library and at the petting zoo in the middle of the library. bunnies, guinea pigs for kids to get their hands on and draw
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some definitely preferred the animals though. >> i saw the bunny! >> you like the bun ?e >> yeah. >> and the petting zoo says they'll take the animals all over town for similar events and birthday parties and leave other children tongue tied. >> it's a great way to garbage engagement and by the way here's a copy of "to kill a mocking bird." >> january: all right. >> kyle: some don't think it's age appropriate. >> january: i don't either especially for kids in the buny and hamster stage of life. jason, an umbrella kind of day? >> jason: and it's looking better as we head into the weekend. >> (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high...
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>> maury: this february on >> three teen girls on different crash courses. [ bleep ]. this teen has been held back three times, is still in the eighth grade at 15 years old. >> she's going on be 20 years old when she graduates. >> it's not my fault. >> maury: oh, it's not your fault? this teen girl is heading down the path of sexual destruction. >> we're all in my living room. she's says to the point, do you want to [ bleep ]. i'm right there. >> maury: and a 13-year-old who does what she wants. and if you try to stop her, she guarantees someone is going to get hurt. my aunt pissed me off once. i put -- >> maury: sex. they call her a whore, they call her a slut. >> maury: drinking. my favorite alcohol is vodka.


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